Minecraft Server Continuum 1.3.1 1.12.2 Update

update _ 2018 . 06 . 18 - CRY3rn

1.3.1 HOTFIX

-Included updated lang folder for en-us.lang (Fixes quest display names/lang)

1.3.0 UPDATE


-Lowered natura y-level to allow trees to grow at sea level; closed #194
-Remove natura fences and gates that are not craftable in this pack; closes #155

-Remove TE coal Coke/Block; closed #179

-"Creative Irrigation" renamed to "Infinite Irrigation"
-Hopefully made EFab mechanics more clear, also split it into 3 tasks.
-Noted that you can name Interfaces for the Interface Terminal
-Enabled localization, courtesy of SihenZhang
-Quest localization folder
-English localization file, courtesy of SihenZhang
-Removed location task from Liquid DNA quest
-Updated Raw DNA planet to reflect that it's a gas giant, fixes #185
-Noted that the Diesel Generator has been lowered to 25% RF production