Minecraft Server Continuum 1.4.1 1.12.2 Update

update _ 2018 . 07 . 18 - CRY3rn

1.4.1 UPDATE

Mods Updated:

-Changed TE config to show creative tank in JEI

-Fixed Certus Quartz OreDict removal thus fixing IE Crusher Recipes; closes #314
-PE iron band recipe reenabled; closes #322
-Removed ExU creative drum and replaced with TE creative tank in recipe (Server players should request a OP to replace thier drum with a tank)
-Added tooltips to creative blocks; "Creative Blocks cannot be pickup by non-ops once placed!"
-Added steel ingots to magma crucible; fixes #315
-Temp removed the reciped for efab RF Adv Storage block until bug is fixed and added tool tip

-Changed Creative Drum quest to be about Creative Portable Tank
-Created quest for Archangel's Smite

1.4.0 UPDATE

Mods Updated:
-UniDict-1.12.2-2.5e.jar xnet-1.12-1.7.3.jar

-Changed AFK timer to 5mins
-AE2 Dim ID Change
-added items to adventures backpack; closes #221

-fixed certus oreDict; closes #279
-added recipes for dense/vacuum ducts; closes #311
-fixed alarm and incandescent lamp recipes; closes #294
-removed refined storage crafting manager; closes #289
-added recipe for arc furnace electrode blueprint; closes #307
-added UUmatter recipe for platinum dust; closes #283
-fixed oreDict recipe for AutoAnvil; closes #269
-fixed string output from cotton; closes #248
-fixed small silver dust to silver dust recipe; closes #240
-fixed small silver dust to silver dust recipe; closes #240
-fixed bee grain missing recipes; closes #196
-re-added IF laser lens; closes #215
-re-added Project E tools and some end game items; closes #93
-creative drum can be exchanged for creative tank allowing for fluid selection in survival; closes #225

-Eye of the Storm quest now needs Charcoal, not Coal. Fixes #219
-Firewood to Lavawood, fixes #220
-Fyrnace -> Furnace, fixes #226
-Noted that the Drill works as a shovel as well as a pickaxe
-Morningstar quest now needs a Morningstar to complete, fixes #233
-Replaced placeholder with Charcoal
-Noted that you get Titanium from Bauxite Dust, not Rutile Ore
-Noted that you get Gears in the Smeltery
-Fixed Atomic Reconstructor localization
-Workshop Table has correct title and description, fixes #273
-Heliumplasma -> Helium3 in Fusionarium quest, fixes #198
-Hopefully made Transfer Node quest more clear, fixes #207
-Made note about RS having no autocrafting more clearer, fixes #289
-Metallum Ex Vacui II quest now requires 3 laser core; closes #291
-Changed up loot rewards:
  -Removed "Decoration Reward" category.
  -Replaced everything in "Food Reward" with food from Pam's Harvestcraft.
  -Made all quest with a loot chest as a reward able to get rewards from any category.