Privacy Policy

last updated 2018 . 06 . 26

Nobody likes reading through privacy policies so we kept ours simple.

data collection

We log ip addresses and user ids that connect to our website and services. This is mainly for administrative purposes, such as removing or blocking bad users from our services.

Very few users will have user accounts that are associated with a personal email for notifications or password recovery. These users tend to only be our staff.

data sharing


We do not share personal data with any third parties without your explicit consent.

Google Analytics collects basic anonymized data about your visit.


Many of our services, such as our gaming and communication servers, rely on third-party software. By using their software to connect to our servers, you have already agreed to their terms, agreements, and policies. We do not share any additional data with these software providers.

Any concerns about how your personal data is handled in these services should be directed towards these third parties.

data security

We take great effort to secure our servers and will disclose security breaches.

data deletion

Please contact us to delete your personal data.