Casual gaming at its best

Semtek Division evolved from a group of like-minded gamers into the community it is today with friendships spanning years. With our collective experiences, we aim to create and foster Semtek Division into a long-lasting network of gamers rather than prioritizing any sort of superficial “success”.

All ages and nationalities

  • Members

    Our members range from various countries around the globe and are of all ages. All members are treated equally due to our community’s distaste for any formal rank system. However, we do expect that members treat others with due respect.

  • Responsibilities

    There are no strings attached to membership. If you are already part of another community, be it competitive, casual, or military simulation, don’t worry, we won’t get jealous (though be sure to check with your own group).

  • Joining

    So what do you have to do to join? Simply hop onto our Teamspeak server at and talk to a moderator or administrator.

  • Teamspeak

    Don’t have the Teamspeak 3 Client installed? Visit their website ( to download the installer.